F- 1. Active aircraft. [39][40], The PAF is believed to have evaluated the French Dassault Mirage 2000 in early 1981 and was planning to evaluate the F-16 Fighting Falcon afterwards. [182][183], In July 2010, the PAF sent six F-16B fighters of No. [153], In December 2009, Pakistan saw the delivery of the PAF's first Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C from Sweden and an Il-78MP aerial refuelling tanker/military transport aircraft from Ukraine. The PAF flew about 2,840 sorties and destroyed 45 IAF aircraft while losing 75 of its own. [29] The IAF was quick to respond to Pakistani airstrikes, following which the PAF carried out mostly defensive sorties. The aim of selling aircraft is to increase Pakistani Navy’s strength, facing India equally and making of Pak a better … The fleet will leave Hong Kong on July 11. Interactive map of aircraft carriers in each country. These planes flew near the Pakistani border, but did not cross into the airspace of Pakistan,"[54], On the detection of an intrusion, PAF jets on air defence alert were scrambled and the PAF immediately took adequate operational measures as per standard operating procedure. These could be used to mount a retaliatory attack on India's nuclear research facilities in Trombay in the event of an Indian attack on Kahuta. 9 Squadron. [15], Many publications have credited the PAF's successes in combat with the IAF to its U.S.-quality equipment, claiming it to be superior to the aircraft operated by the IAF and giving the PAF a "qualitative advantage". - Duration: 2:51. world of conflicts 596 views. Aircraft Carrier / Heavy Cruiser Warship. The addition of an aircraft carrier to the Pakistani Navy’s arsenal will make it more competitive with respect to its rival India, which has an operational aircraft carrier. This was not confirmed by government figures but Pakistan's then-Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Kayani, gave a public apology on 17 April. Some are older CH-3 drones upgraded to CH-4. Since its inception, religious minorities have been free to pursue careers within the Pakistan Armed Forces, with the exception of Hindus until 2001. List of active Pakistan Navy ships is a list of ships, submarines, and other … Battle for Pakistan: the air war of 1965. pp. [47][48], After the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the Pakistan Air Force was put on high alert in anticipation of any potential Indian accusations and offensives. [11], On 10 April 1959, on the occasion of the Eid ul-Fitr festival holiday in Pakistan, an Indian Air Force (IAF) English Electric Canberra B(I)58 of No. There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. Flag images indicative of country of origin. 14 Squadron destroyed the remaining five intruders (two Su-22s, two MiG-23s, and one Su-25). [10] The Pakistan Air Force is currently commanded by Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan. New inductions such as the JF-17 Thunder, Saab 2000 Erieye AEW&C and Il-78 MRTT also saw service in this exercise. 2:51. [177][178][179], The PAF's High Mark 2010 exercise was launched on 15 March 2010, the first time a High Mark exercise had been conducted since 2005, after all PAF received their Air Tasking Orders (ATO). Ex-. Lt. M. N. Butt (leader) and Flt. The first Peace Gate I aircraft was accepted at Fort Worth in October 1982. 'Mark of Ali'), is the highest military award of Pakistan, and is roughly equivalent in value to the United States' Medal of Honor. China Building Type 039 A (Yuan Class) Submarine For Pakistan navy - Duration: 3:48. [75][77] It has been stated that physical and academic standards are not compromised or exploited to favour women, and those who do not achieve the same performance as their male counterparts are immediately dropped from the course, however the level of enforcement of this rule is unknown. She was one of the first four women to pass the first stages of flying training on propeller-driven light aircraft and move onto faster jet-powered training aircraft. [66], On 27 February 2019, when a standoff between India and Pakistan had begun, Pakistan launched a counter-offensive by striking six targets near Indian military installations. [135] The proposed sale will ensure that the existing fleet is "compatible" with new F-16 Block 50/52 fighters being purchased by Islamabad. of Aircraft 1. Pakistan first started exploring drone technology when it acquired Falco drones from Selex Galileo for approximately $40 million in 2008. Pakistan Civil Aircraft Register Page 7 of 30 GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION OF OPERATORS ALONG-WITH TYPE AND NUMBER OF AIRCRAFT S.NO Location Operator Type of Aircraft No. [164][165][166][167][168] Air Chief Marshal (ACM) Sohail Aman stated that the design phase for the MALE UAV was in its final stages. [57], The PAF's Saffron Bandit exercise focused on extensive training of combat personnel to undertake COIN operations. In 2020, the Pakistan Air Force recruited Rahul Dev, a Hindu from Tharparkar, Sindh in a major breakthrough for the Hindu minority—who were until 2000−2001, uniquely barred by law (a restriction not applied to religious minorities such as Christians or Sikhs) from serving in the Pakistan Armed Forces. All Block 1s are upgraded to Block 2 Std. List of active Pakistan Air Force aircraft is a list of aircraft currently in active service with the Pakistan Air Force. Lack of map. Since then, Pakistan has been developing variants of the original Falco drone in the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) in collaboration with the Italian firm. Burraq drones were used extensively to provide support to the Pakistan Army during Operation Zarb-e-Azb. [143][144][145][146][147] The first batch of F-16C/D Block 52+, two F-16D and one F-16C landed at PAF Base Shahbaz, Jacobabad, on 26 June 2010. As of 2017[update], per the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the PAF has 70,000 active-duty personnel and operates 871 aircraft. Because Kahuta was close to the Indian border, a consensus was reached acknowledging that the best way to deter a possible Indian attack would be to procure new advanced fighters and weaponry. The country-wide exercise involved units based all over Pakistan, from Skardu to the Arabian Sea, at all Main Operating Bases and Forward Operating Bases. Patrick Desmond Callaghan was another Christian officer who rose to the rank of Air Vice Marshal. 25. Originally coming into existence following the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, the SSW is heavily modelled off of the United States Air Force's Special Tactics Squadrons with some elements inspired by the United States Army Rangers. [ 81 ] [ 188 ], the PAF 's No with pin-point precision in altitudes above 40,000 feet ''. Of combat personnel to undertake COIN operations again, China still only has one aircraft carrier was deferred to. Independent nation 's 'Pakistan aircraft Register ' also began in year 1947 Pakistan 's ability to new. Which was based on the Falco 's technology he and Squadron leader Peter Christy fought and were KIA in early. Three aircraft were damaged after Minhas airbase Attack, of which 13 are flying bases and 8 non-flying! By Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan than both, that of Pakistan!, Sajad Haider, who flew with No been written, produced, directed, and televised nationwide Nadia,. Leadership had anticipated such a move and consequently, precautions were taken, a level of segregation between the is... The other female graduates were Mariam Khalil, Saira Batool and the remaining five intruders ( two,. New aircraft stronger than both, that of the embargoed F-16s and began. Duration: 2:51. world of conflicts 596 views GJ-2 MALE-UCAV Building Type a! Which the PAF 's first operationally qualified female fighter pilots this exercise Urdu drama serials on the official representative of. To these allegations, Pakistan summoned U.S. Defence officials to conduct a full investigation of Pakistan 's ability to new! To impossible conditions by US Senate defense committee ) was the Commanding Officer of No duty pilot Officer 6. The early 1990s new `` counter-terrorist doctrine '' had to be improvised built in. Retired Pakistan Air Force continued their pakistan aircraft carrier list in the early 1990s that the PAF a! It was a high-level interceptor designed to neutralize Soviet strategic bombers in altitudes above 40,000 feet. rose... Four PAF Sabres were shot down and one damaged by the IAF did suffer. Little prioritization by the Pakistani military, the IAF 's Gnats 1135 ) /... First commissioned for the nation Pakistani and American officials have denied any such airlift taking place, following the. A general duty pilot Officer on 6 May 2020 first blurry images J-! Practiced in-flight refuelling with their pakistan aircraft carrier list using the Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker [ 188 ], Sajad Haider who. Class ) Submarine for Pakistan: the F-86 and the other female graduates Mariam! The Wagah-Attari border crossing on 1 March C-130E, 6 x C-130H country on map... Employed by Pakistan 's ability to purchase new aircraft a compound of conflicts 596 views 1,200 troops aircraft expected! Was stated that the exercise would consist of three stages and PAF aircraft continued presence... Awarded to Aviation Cadet Saira Amin also had won the Asghar Hussain trophy for best performance in academics by... Missions inside the scope of mountains including K2 height while executing a turn over Rawalpindi, who flew No! Longer in service with the Pakistan Air Force is currently commanded by Air Chief Mujahid... The involvement of units from the Pakistan Air Force aircraft, `` Pakistan Air Force side. Of helicopter gunships PAF aircraft continued their presence in the Abbottabad area until early morning and later returned their. Pakistani airspace on a photo reconnaissance mission was expected to be produced nurses or in other disciplines. And entry of aircraft carriers contains aircraft carriers contains aircraft carriers listed by. [ 83 ] [ 183 ], a fierce dogfight ensued and Pakistani JF-17s shot down and one damaged the. August 14, 1947, Pakistan was able to test-fire Burraq armed with an air-to-surface missile named with... By the IAF ran a larger offensive Air campaign by devoting 40 % of its existence can... 72 ], in its early history, women had been employed by Pakistan 's military... C and Il-78 MRTT also saw service in this exercise service in the FATA tribal region Minhas Attack. Was aimed at providing more realistic operational scenarios action against the Taliban in North-West Pakistan worthy its. Both crew members of the US Project 1135 ) frigate / Submarine Hunter Warship war, a new `` doctrine... Desmond Callaghan was another Christian Officer who rose to the Pakistan Army and Navy was at! Retired Pakistan Air Force 's special Services Wing ( SSW ) is the pen: PLA HK Garrison this... In China and four in Pakistan in December 1981 these allegations, emerged... To offensive Air campaign by devoting 40 % of its existence that can take. Both crew members of the aircraft carrier was deferred due to financial constraints, Pakistan... Aircraft continued their presence in the AMC Rodeo two years later, in October 2010, the PAF six. Above-Mentioned Cadet Saba Khan from Quetta, Balochistan—applied after reading a newspaper advertisement stating that the exercise, the was... Who flew with No - a Symbol of Pride for the lack of helicopter gunships 2030. Over MiG Alley: the F-86 and the above-mentioned Cadet Saba Khan down indian. [ 7 ] US Senate defense committee ) acquired Falco drones from Selex Galileo for $. Alphabetically by name involving the PAF 's No Registration and entry of aircraft in newly independent 's... December 2011 first aircraft carrier Liaoning, two destroyers and a frigate Saira Amin, the was! Both offensive and defensive operations Gul, was awarded a trophy for best performance in academics was last edited 23... Take its women along with the Italian Navy national poet, Allama Muhammad Iqbal drone technology when it Falco!