Overwintering mums is a wonderful way to save money and add perennial beauty to the landscape! With a hardiness from growing zones 5 to 9, it is these mums you want to purchase and save! I want to plant mums in the ground because they are my favorite plants. Mum Hardiness Tests. My customer isn’t alone in wondering if they are perennial… I buy Garden Mums… Whether they come back the next year depends on when and where they are planted: Spring or summer – If planted in spring or summer, mums will have ample time to establish a good root system. Floral mums … ‘Mammoth’ has a daisy-like flower, not the rounded flower that many gardeners like on a mum… Potted mums sold as gifts -- like those often seen at a florist -- are exotic and not hardy enough to survive winter temperatures, even in USDA zone 9. Because people often think that mums (formally called Chrysanthemums) are at best a finicky perennial, many gardeners treat them as annuals, but this doesn’t have to be the case.With just a little winter care for mums… University of Minnesota | zones 3-4 | “Showy perennials that flower from August until frost, these U of M mums are uniquely developed to withstand USDA Zone 3 and 4 growing conditions and will usually overwinter when covered with a protective mulch in late fall. Mums are ideal for containers because of their shallow root systems. Mums … Plant them in beds or borders in the early spring or fall as perennials. I want to make sure I plant the right ones in the ground so they come back every year. https://balconygardenweb.com/are-mums-perennial-or-annual-vs A moist and warm ground allows the mums to overwinter and to live to the next season. Mums are considered tender perennials. Toss Them Out Most potted mums are sold as "florist mums," according to the … Pinching back a mum … The used to be in the genus Chrysanthemum but these lovely plants have been reclassified as Dendranthema x grandiflora.No matter what the current botanical name, these are commonly called hardy mums or just chrysanthemums. Potted mums are not usually meant to be grown as perennials, however, and most die after a few weeks. Mums are most often thought of as seasonal potted plants, something to place on the porch to celebrate fall.But once the flowers fade, the plants wind up in the compost bin.Hardy mums (also known as garden mums… Tuck the mums in beds, borders or planters to keep the color coming until frost. If the soil is not too wet during the winter, they will overwinter just as other perennials. Exception: Mammoth mums are perennials ‘Mammoth’ is a perennial mum, but any other mum you find isn’t a perennial. Garden mums are a true perennial, and with a little fall preparation, can be kept and grown year after year. These mums, which feature unusually shaped or very large flowers, are usually treated as annuals by home gardeners. I am so confused if all mums are perennials or are some annuals. Use those pots of blooming mums sold in the fall as annuals to replace summer annuals that are past their prime. Mums should always be planted in the spring or summer so that the plants have the ability to establish a good root system, according to Briggs Garden and Home. Chrysanthemums, or “mums” as they are often called, are one of the first plants people turn to for fall … Examples of these types of mums include spider mums and football mums. A comment from Dimp1022 September 1, 2018. Overwintering mums is possible.

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