“”Make Her Say (Poke Her Face)”: Un-conscious Hip Hop, Oral Rape and the Silencing of Women”

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That’s the title of this essay at Celie’s Revenge about a very misogynist song. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

As a female listener, one willing to allow herself to really hear this song’s words and take them to heart, the message was painfully clear: women like dick; we like it violently shoved in our faces, and, according to Common at least, we want oral sex forced upon us, however brutally men see fit to give it. We even enjoy having a man’s penis shoved down our throats, pushed up our mouths, literally rammed through our faces so far and with so much force that a penetration of the internal matter of our skulls occurs, i.e. the man hits”brain”with his dick. According to Common, Kanye and Kid Cudi, some women enjoy this kind of brutal, body punishing oral sex; they can learn how to beg, not only to be used as receptacles for men’s semen, but to be violated to the point of physical injury.

The brutal lyrics are here. Here is a video featuring the song:

–Ann Bartow

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