Where Are The Women? The latest issue of the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy has one named woman author out of twenty-three?

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Volume 32, Number 3 – Summer 2009

Reflections on Events and Changes at the Department of Justice John Ashcroft 813
National Security and the Rule of Law Michael B. Mukasey 831
The”Bush Doctrine”: Can Preventive War Be Justified? Robert J. Delahunty & John Yoo 843
Public Bioethics and the Bush Presidency O. Carter Snead 867
Speaking Up For Marriage William C. Duncan 915
Faith-Based Initiative 2.0: The Bush Faith-Based and Community Initiative Stanley W. Carlson‐Thies 931
The Bush Administration and America’s International Religious Freedom Policy Thomas F. Farr & William L. Saunders, Jr. 949
Unfinished Business: The Bush Administration and Racial Preferences Roger Clegg 971
A Measured Approach: Employment and Labor Law During the George W. Bush Years William J. Kilberg, Jason Schwartz & Joshua Chadwick 997
False Premises: The Accountability Fetish in Education Martha Derthick & Joshua M. Dunn 1015
The Constitution as the Playbook for Judicial Selection Orrin G. Hatch 1035
Measuring Meta-Doctrine: An Empirical Assessment of Judicial Minimalism in the Supreme Court Robert Anderson IV 1045
Testing the Boundaries of the First Amendment Press Clause: A Proposal for Protecting the Media from Newsgathering Torts Anthony L. Fargo & Laurence B. Alexander 1093
Reconsidering the Felony Murder Rule in Light of Modern Criticisms: Doesn’t the Conclusion Depend Upon the Particular Rule at Issue? David Crump 1155
Imperfect Minimalism: Unanswered Questions In
Hall Street Associates, L.L.C. v. Mattel, Inc., 128 S. Ct. 1396 (2008

“Wholly Foreign to the First Amendment”: The Demise of Campaign Finance’s Equalizing Rationale In
Davis v. Federal Election Commission, 128 S. Ct. 2759 (2008

Squaring the Circle: Reconciling Clear Statutory Text with Contradictory Statutory Purpose In
United States v. Whitley, 529 F.3d 150 (2d Cir. 2008)


–Ann Bartow

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