Are 1/3 of Pornography Consumers Women?

As a counterpoint to the recent Newsweek story on “buying sex,” consider this (2009) Nielsen study, as reported by CNN:

In the first three months of 2007, according to Nielsen/NetRatings, approximately one in three visitors to adult entertainment Web sites was female; during the same period, nearly 13 million American women were checking out porn online at least once each month. * * *

Meanwhile, science is finally buying into the idea that women are at least as stimulated by porn as men.

In a 2006 study at McGill University, researchers monitored genital temperature changes to measure sexual arousal and found that, when shown porn clips, men and women alike began displaying arousal within 30 seconds; men reached maximum arousal in about 11 minutes, women in about 12 (a statistically negligible difference, according to the study).

Read the full story here.

It is true that James Deen has more than 24,000 Twitter followers!

H/T The Good Men Project.

-Bridget Crawford

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2 Responses to Are 1/3 of Pornography Consumers Women?

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  2. rosi01 says:

    It’s interesting how the author of that CNN article completely glosses over the whole degradation of women in porn thing. Although I don’t agree that all porn is necessarily degrading, videos entitled “dumb slut loves anal” (excuse the wording), and other similar titles, sound pretty degrading to me. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a title like that dehumanises the subject and that sounds pretty degrading to me.

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