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Feminist First looks like a new blog, by a feminist living in the U.K. The blogroll there lists a lot of other great U.K. feminist blogs as well. I especially like Laurelin in the Rain.

Tiara.org is an informative blog written by a woman “studying social technology from a feminist perspective.” One post there included a link to this article abstract: “Styling the worker: Gender and the commodification of language in the globalized service economy,” by Deborah Cameron:

This paper discusses some sociolinguistic characteristics of the speech style prescribed to workers for interacting with customers in service contexts, focusing in particular on the linguistic and vocal ‘styling’ prescribed for operators in telephone call centres in the U.K. Attention is drawn to the similarities between the preferred style of speech and what is popularly thought of as ‘women’s language’. The intensive regulation of service workers’ speech and the valorization of ‘feminine’ communication styles are analysed in relation to changes occurring as a consequence of economic globalization.

Over at Is That Legal? Eric Muller is shocked and appalled to learn that at least one “Hooters” is engaging in crass gender stereotyping, undermining its otherwise clarion message of feminist empowerment.

For a dose of New Orleans-related outrage, read “#*@*%^! People Live Here!” at The G Bitch Spot.

Also check out “What About the Poor Male Artists?” at What It Means. Here’s an excerpt:

…Thank GOD we women can just coast along on the popularity of Frida Kahlo. I know I’ll basically take over the art world once people know I, too, have ovaries, just like her! Well, in fact, I feel fucking FORTUNATE to come upon a painting by the inestimable Frida whenever I visit a museum, because chances are that’s the ONLY work said museum will even own by a female artist from the period of 1900-1930. But wait, some men might pay the price? Oh, please allow me to weep for the poor contemporary male artists. I was just reading another article about whether making millions is bad for the spirit of an artist, and GUESS WHAT! Every artist mentioned in the article was MALE! In fact with the amount of money the Moderna Museet is setting aside for art by women, I bet they’ll get 30-50 percent MORE than if they were purchasing art by men! Isn’t that lucky for museum-goers? …

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