The “S.W.A.Y.” (Spines Will Appear Yanked)

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From this column at “Sequential Tart” we learn more about female comic book characters, to wit:

Rule Number Two discusses a simple concept: exaggerate the breasts by putting them atop a disproportionately thin waist. The subject is the female spinal cord.

Rule Number Two, Part A: On female characters, spines will appear as if they’ve been yanked out of place.

For obvious reasons – smaller sentences are easier to understand – this got shortened to Spines Will Appear Yanked. To illustrate this rule (so to speak), I bring forth a comic that burned even my own battle-hardened eyes: the chromium-wraparound-covered Glory/Avengelyne crossover from – you guessed it – Extreme Studios. Warning: I take no responsibility for the health of your eyes or psyche after viewing this. You’re on your own, gentle reader.


Take note of Avengelyne’s waist and how it is thinner than her head. Minus the hair. Note how it hangs beneath her ribcage like a suspension bridge, rather than actually supporting the top of her body. (Her torso must be kept afloat by those helium breasts.) Note the scoliosis gone grossly untreated. Note the little leather bags which wouldn’t fit around a normal person’s wrist. Especially note that the artist put her in the most obvious POSE to exaggerate the spine: a profile shot with negative space between her back and arm. That’s correct – our intrepid heroine’s spine would appear yanked. Avengelyne is a SWAYbackâ„¢.

Avengelyne isn’t the only sufferer…just where does Glory’s waist end behind her elbow?

More here.

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