Rosenblum on Parity/Disparity

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  Feminist Law Prof Darren Rosenblum (Pace University School of Law) has posted to ssrn his article, “Parity/Disparity: Electoral Gender Inequality on the Tightrope of Liberal Constitutional Traditions,”  39 UC Davis Law Review, Vol. 1119 (2006).   Here is the abstract:

This piece examines Parity, France’s requirement that political parties name women as half of all candidates for public office, both from a comparative and from a constitutional perspective. It engages the theoretical challenges of such quotas, both in terms of the essentialist/antiessentialist debates within feminist theory and in terms of the relationship of such group remedies to liberal constitutional law in France and the United States. The paper concludes that fluid provisions to remedy the gendered nature of political power would be consistent with current United States jurisprudence.

The full paper is available here.

-Posted by Bridget Crawford

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