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A wonderful website called “We’re Not Afraid” was established in the wake of the London train and bus bombings last year. I posted a few of my favorite pictures from it here, at Sivacracy. The site added the following update on July 12th:

Yesterday, the 11th of July Mumbai was rocked by a series of orchestrated bombings on the train system. It is not yet clear who carried out these attacks with local and international officials investigating. These were ordinary civilians targeted, and the victims were across the city’s ethnic, religious and class lines.

Mumbai has come together, and the people havn’t panicked; people were helping each other, rushing to give blood at donation centers and supporting each other however they could. Mumbai is a city with many cultural and religious groups, but people come together, we empathise with each other – no difference, political, religious or ethic can ever explain or justify any attempts on the lives of civilians.

At least 127 dead have been identified so far, our hearts and empathy go out to everyone affected, we will do all we can to help. As soon as more details emerge we will post them here.

We must remember, we cannot be made to be afraid; these are cowardly despicable acts and we cannot afford to give people who would commit such atrocities any power over us at all. The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Says this:

“”The series of blasts… are shocking and cowardly attempts to spread a feeling of fear and terror among our citizens. My heart reaches out and grieves for all those affected by these blasts and who have lost their near and dear ones…

“I am confident that the people of this great city have the will and courage to face this situation and will stand firm in their resolve to carry on their normal activities without succumbing to threats of terror. We will work to defeat the evil designs of terrorists and will not allow them to succeed.”

–Ann Bartow

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