“Token Pride”

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Very engaging post about race by “Vicky Vengeance” at Mean Feminisim. Below is an excerpt:

Getting down to business, I am back from Hawaii and I sure am tan, but I’m always “tan” I guess considering that I am “of color.” For those of you who don’t know, I’m a mixed race person with a blonde, blue-eyed, WASPy as all get out mother and a Japanese American father. To further explain, I am a fourth generation American, meaning that my grandparents were born in America and did not speak Japanese. They did end up in internment camps during World War II when they were supposedly a gigantic threat to national security, what with being 9 years old and all though. Admittedly, children may be the single most frightening thing to me on the entire planet, but I think that might be more of a personal problem.

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