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Here are some links and short excerpts from interesting and/or amusing blog posts:

1. Read as a mother of seven live-blogs bedtime in: “Time for Bed!” at In the Trenches of Motherhood. Here’s a sample:

7:55: movie is over. Send 7yr old upstairs fro a quick shower. Give 10 yr old a broom and ask him to sweep up the tv room since it looks like we popped the popcorn in there without a lid. It is everywhere, thanks to the toddler set.

8:00 tell 9 yr old to go upstairs and get into the shower.

realize 7 yr old is STILL in the shower. Go upstairs and tell him to get out. he tells me,”But I haven’t washed myself yet.”I say,”WHAT have you been doing in there?”He answers,”Pretending I was running in the rain.”I say,”Well, you need to get out now.”One minute with a soapy washcloth and he is done.”

8:15 9 yr old gets into shower. Admonish him to be quick since there is still one more shower to go.

Tell everyone to brush to their teeth.

8:16 Tell everyone to brush their teeth.

8:18 Tell everyone to brush their teeth.

8:20 Tell everyone to go brush their teeth.

2. Find the humor in urinary tract infections at Mimi Smartypants.

3. Watch “Stereotypes” and see if this advertisement makes you want to get your hair cut at Supercuts. Via Suburban Bliss.

4. At One Good Thing, Flea writes: “I Don’t Know How Santa Does It.” I don’t know how Flea does it but I’m glad she does.

5. A vendor was selling these hair pins:


I write “was” instead of “is” because the pins sold out almost a week ago! Also sold out are felt coin purses shaped like stomachs.

6. Jenandtonic has a television programming concern as follows:

I am in the middle of drafting my complaint to the FCC about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which was on tonight.

Dear FCC monkeys,

There needs to be more ass in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Love Jen.

p.s. you don’t care because I am Canadian, but I am just sayin’.

7. Geese Aplenty has some advice about energy efficiency and staying warm that starts out:

I didn’t expect any helpful energy-saving tips when I opened up the newsletter from Pacific Gas & Electric Company, but I thought at least maybe I would get a useful reminder such as”Wear sweaters in the house.”That’s a useful tip. I’m completely okay with getting that tip. Instead I read:”Lower the thermostat five degrees from where you would normally have it. You’d be surprised how much energy you can save.”

Oh, well, I didn’t even think about how easy it might be to simply lower the thermostat. That’s just brilliant. Except for the fact that at the height of winter–when the icy, death-white fingers of the Norwegian Frost Giants curl around your throat with bone-chilling ease–five degrees in your house is the difference between wanting to play sand volleyball in your living room and curling up on the carpet, desperately trying to hibernate until the St. Bernard can find you with his barrel of bourbon. Five degrees is nothing to simply write off. I couldn’t even the read the rest of the newsletter; I knew it would be stuff like”Think warm thoughts. If that doesn’t work, think warmer thoughts.”

8. Read the new Carnival of Feminists at Diary of a Freak Magnet.

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