Abortion E-Cards

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OK, so sending an e-card, made by a sanitary napkin manufacturer (complete with advertising on the card), to celebrate/honor/ sympathize with (???) someone’s period may be a weird idea.   See Where Wings Take Dream.   But  how about an abortion e-card?    Exhale, an after-abortion counseling hotline, is now offering the cards on  its website.   (Read more at the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog.)

Given the blame and  anger anti-choice advocates shower on the approximately  one third of women who will have an abortion by the age of 45, it seems to  me that these cards  could be a good idea.   At least they are offered by a  not-for-profit counseling  service that has carefully created a variety of cards to reflect how different women might feel about their abortions.   But it might be hard to  know which one is  the right message to send, since the themes vary quite a bit, from “encouragement” (“you did the right thing”) to  “spirituality”  (“healing is possible”).

-Caitlin Borgmann

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