Eight Random Facts Meme

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Got tagged by Dr. Violet Socks so here goes:

1. When I first started law school I wanted to be a union-side labor lawyer, but in my second year I discovered Copyright Law.

2. I didn’t apply for judicial clerkships when I was in law school because I didn’t have the money to travel around doing interviews, and I didn’t think I could afford to spend a year at a clerk’s salary after borrowing so much money for tuition, so I didn’t even apply to local judges.

3. I’m named after a great grandmother who emigrated from Germany as a teenager, but because she died when my grandfather was a toddler, he never got to ask her why, and his father declined to talk about her at all.

4. My dog Reno is named after Janet Reno. Not every woman would think having a dog named after them was a compliment, but I expect Janet Reno could understand this. I used to have a sister-in-law named Janet who wouldn’t have, though.

5. I have the use of five working computers, though three are pretty old and slow. On the upside, no one seems to write viruses for their ancient operating systems any more, so I use them to open iffy attachments and visit sketchy websites.

6. I do a lot of computer support for one of my colleagues, who periodically gives me gifts of really nice fruit. I had other colleagues who used to give me vegetables they had grown themselves, but they have all retired or left. Still another colleague once gave me some perennials for my flower bed but noticed grimly that I accidentally killed them.

7. I never got “wisdom teeth” so I never had to have any extracted. Insert obvious joke here. My dentist told me this might be a happy evolutionary harbinger.

8. I grew up near the farm where Woodstock was held, and lived on a main road that many people used to drive there. I remember standing on my lawn with other neighborhood children and waving at all the hippies. After traffic stopped moving and the rain started, my father invited a number of them to camp out on our living room floor.

I tag: Bridget Crawford, Darren Rosenblum, Kathleen Bergin, Sharon Sandeen, David S. Cohen, Marcia McCormick, Tony Infanti, Tracy McGaugh, Danielle Holley-Walker, Kim Diana Connolly, KC Sheehan, Mary Dudziak, Eric Muller, Liz Losh, Michael Froomkin, Sally Greene, Larry Solum and Nancy Rapoport.

–Ann Bartow

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0 Responses to Eight Random Facts Meme

  1. Violet Socks says:

    Is this actually working? I’ve never been able to register here so maybe this is all an illusion, just a freak occurrence of the explicate order.

    At any rate, assuming I really am here posting this comment, my questions are:

    1. What kind of dog do you have?
    2. What kind of perennials did you kill?

  2. Joseph Slater says:

    The union side bar would have loved to have had you.

    And now I’m curious about what sort of “sketchy” websites you visit.

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  4. bob coley jr says:

    did your family know any of the Yasgur family? How cool for you, to have seen it all first hand.

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  6. KCSheehan says:

    I’ve never learned how to trackback (there’s a 9th thing, I guess) but my response is here.

  7. Ann Bartow says:

    Cripes, I forgot to reply to Violet, one of my very favorite bloggers. My dog is some kind of terrier mix, smart and loving and loyal and nervous and loud and sort of relentless in whatever she does. A friend once described her as me with four legs and fur.

    I killed some paperwhites, which I’m told shouldn’t have been possible, given that I have an automatic sprinkler system.