The “Truly bad movie meme”

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The rules of the meme are here. And here is where I got tagged with it! I used to watch a lot of movies and I’ve seen some real stinkers, including everything in the Pokemon genre:

I have reason to believe I wouldn’t like the recently released Beowulf much, so I probably won’t see it, making it ineligible for meme purposes, so I’m going to go with Fatal Attraction for its creepiness and ridiculous sterotyping of women. I agree with Susan Faludi that it is a quintessential “Backlash” movie.

I tag Kathleen Bergin and Josie Brown, Caitlin Borgmann, Al Brophy, Erin Buzuvis, Bridget Crawford, Michael Froomkin, Jared Greer, Liz Losh, Nancy McClernan, KC Sheehan, and Dr. Violet Socks.

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