World Marriage Day?

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Ever heard of “World Marriage Day?” I hadn’t either, but this excerpt from its sponsor’s website told me more than I wanted to know:

The idea of celebrating marriage began in Baton Rouge, La., in 1981, when couples encouraged the Mayor, the Governor and the Bishop to proclaim St. Valentines Day as “We Believe in Marriage Day”. The event was so successful, the idea was presented to and was adopted by Worldwide Marriage Encounter’s National Leadership.

Needless to say, the Catholic Church is involved.   “Marriage Encounter” is a really bad name for a group.   Too much like “Close Encounters,” if you ask me.

I think “Love Thy Neighbor Day” would make for a far more illuminating sociological study than does “World Marriage Day,” although my proposal would garner zero Church support.   Think of the parties on “Love They Neighbor Day.”   The possibilities are endless.

-Bridget Crawford

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