New Law Firm Partners Are Mostly Male

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Story at “Above the Law” (which happily seems to have stopped with the “hotties” contests), and see also.

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0 Responses to New Law Firm Partners Are Mostly Male

  1. jenniferbard says:

    The comments following this post are ugly. Many assert that women don’t make partners because they don’t want to or don’t work hard, but if they did work hard the “media” would force firms to make them partners. According to one commentator, that problem is women wanting to take time out and have children–a lesbian “with no interest” in children has “a 100% chance. ” Can law professors change this situation just be expressing disapproval? No. Should we accept it? No. We need to speak up about what is wrong with the environment in which our students are going out to practice law.

  2. Samquilla says:

    Ugh, how can you even link to Above the Law? I know they have interesting stuff sometimes, but the comments are a cesspool of AutoAdmit jerk-offs. Occasionally I look over there, and I’m always sorry I did.

  3. Ann Bartow says:

    Unfortunately, cesspoolish comments are a hallmark of many big blogs, including liberal and ostensibly feminist ones. Allowing them generates page loads and ad revenues.