Never More Than A Few Clicks Away

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Supercynic writes:

… I noticed that my post about how the Southeastern Conference’s website sucks because it takes a computer equivalent of Indiana Jones to find out the latest tennis results had an unusually high readership. It hit me that in that post I mentioned how, no matter where you are on the Internet, you’re 3-4 clicks away from being on a porn site, but you can’t find out about SEC tennis on the SEC’s website. Because I used the word”porn,”that post picked up a lot of traffic. So, I’m going to perform a little experiment. Below is a boring story with the word”porn”sprinkled in. I’ll report later on the site traffic if my theory proves right. Here we go. Today, I helped (porn) clean my mom’s yard. She lives about a mile away from me and (naked pictures … ) she lost several trees in the tornado we recently experienced. ….

He later notes that his blog stats are climbing precipitously. Disappointed surfers can probably find actual porn one or two clicks later. If you can actually manage to stay 3 to 4 clicks away from unwanted Internet porn, you are lucky. This blog gets hit with hundreds of attempted porn linked “comments,” every day, and my e-mailbox is constantly filled with porn spam. I was therefore pleased to read this.

–Ann Bartow

Update: Supercynic advised me via e-mail of the following (quoted with permission): “You’ll be interested (and not shocked) to know that the Yea Pornography! post consistently ranks in the Top 3 posts of the day. It also is the main post that gets only one page view at a time meaning that the viewer quickly clicks through to his/her next link looking for real pornography.”

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  1. bob coley jr says:

    We need more experiments and examples such as this to counter the arguments that alledge a breach of some freedom. Doesn’t someone’s freedom disapate when one of mine is diminished by their actios? I know, I know, it is not their responsibility to refrain from exploiting my imperfect abilities and mistakes. And to require clearly undeceptive and well explained behavior is unlawful, unfair, and un-American, RIGHT?

  2. supercynic says:

    I’ve only been blogging for 2 months and my blog is decidedly not about anything but quirky observations, satirical views of current events, personal/societal behavior, etc. In those two months, I’ve received over a thousand visitors and 6000 page views of the 57 posts I’ve written. The Yea Pornography! post ranks 7th out of those 57 posts and I only wrote it 12 days ago. It’s amazing how quickly the hits starting coming simply because I threw in a suggestive word here and there. I’ll leave it to the social scientists to draw conclusions; I wrote it mainly as a joke, giggling to myself as I saw all these hits (people) who thought they were about to see racy pictures. Instead, they got the blog of a mildly amusing, happily married, father of 2 — who happens to also be a lawyer. What could be more opposite than what they were looking for?

  3. supercynic says:

    I wrote the post as a joke, giggling at the thought of people coming to my blog, seeing no racy pictures, and clicking away to the next site. They thought they were about to see Lindsay Lohan and ended up on a mildly funny blog written by a happily married man with two daughters — who is also a lawyer. What could be more different from what they were expecting?

  4. supercynic says:

    Sorry about the duplicative comments. The 1st didn’t show up for a while, so I didn’t think it posted; thus, the 2nd comment. I’m sure a moderator can delete one. Take care.

  5. Ann Bartow says:

    Or, we could leave all three up just to mess with you!

  6. supercynic says:

    I get it–this way the blogosphere will think that I have short term memory loss and can’t remember what I just posted.

    I get it–this way the blogosphere will think that I have short term memory loss and can’t remember what I just posted. :)