Two important reports from American Psychological Assn

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The APA convention meeting this week in Boston is hearing two internal reports with important public policy dimensions.

The report of the Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion concludes that no evidence supports the claim that an induced abortion causes mental health problems for adult women. The Task Force reviewed all empirical studies in peer-reviewed journals since 1989. For women who had a single elective abortion, the study found no mental health effects attributable to the abortion; for women who had multiple abortions, the evidence was more uncertain.

This report should help opponents of the ballot initiative in South Dakota, which seeks to all but eliminate abortions in that state by using a “woman protective” argument. (Background in my previous post.)

The Task Force on Gender Identity and Gender Variance also presented a report to the convention. The report encourages support for anti-discrimination protections, more research on these issues, and the development of practice guidelines. Votes by the Council of Representatives will occur Sunday, and the Council is expected to adopt a resolution endorsing anti-discrimination laws protecting transgender people.

Nan Hunter, cross-posted at hunter of justice

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