Unspeakable Tragedies Lead to Women-Led Organizations Promoting Pro Active Legislation and High and Low Tech Inventions (e.g., Sisters of Invention (mission statement is to save infants from needless deaths in automobiles))

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Paul Caron, TaxProfBlog, blogged yesterday, about a horrific tragedy in his hometown of Cincinnati. He described the story perfectly as one that will make your heart ache.

In short, a University professor of counseling at Cincinnati Christian University arrived at her office at 8:30 a.m. When she returned to her minivan in the parking lot in the late afternoon she discovered that she had left her 11 month old daughter in the car. Tragically, her daughter died of hypothermia. There can be no doubt that the lives of each member of this family is forever and horrifically hanged. And sadly similar stories and losses happen every summer across America.

Not surprisingly, there are more than 600 comments from readers of this horrific story some calling for criminal prosecution of the “monster” mother.

Fortunately, countless women and their partners, including some whose lives have been forever changed by a non-traffic car related tragedy, have organized a FABULOUS website with great statistics, pending pro active legislation and tips on how we ALL can work together to stop these horrible tragedies. The website includes simple life saving tips and high and low tech devices that can help to prevent backup, frontovers, and hypothermia. This is a MUST VISIT website for ALL and a great source for priceless gifts for anyone who has an automobile that travels with or around children. Please take a look at the website www.kidsandcars.org and pass on its tips and traps for the unwary.

–Francine J. Lipman

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