CFP Succotash: critical reflections on the 2008 U.S. Presidential campaigns

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Eds. María Ochoa, Alvina Quintana, Myra Mendible, Barbara K. Ige
We seek papers that provide a variety of critical frames for the many, indeed thousands, of exchanges–––formal and informal, analytical and reflective–––that are brought about and sustained by the 2008 campaigns for U.S. President and Vice President. We welcome political, social, and cultural reflections, critiques, and analyses that have stakes in current discussions by, for, and about U.S. women of color feminist and transnational/postcolonial feminist discourses within and outside of the United States.Possible topics include, but not limited to:

• Mis/appropriations of feminism as a label, project, agenda
• Re‐alignments and alliances across racial/ethnic lines
•”Mainstreaming”of identity politics
• Reconstituting whiteness as a political entity
• Mommy Wars: Hillary, Sarah, Michelle, and their daughters/sons
• Body politics: the visual representation of candidates
• Battles for/among voters of color, particularly Latinas/os and Blacks
• Invisible constituencies: Asian, Pacific Islander, American Indian, Middle East populations
• Out of the rainbow, on to Main Street: LGBTG matters
• Youth/campus activism
• Discourse analyses: the presentation of candidates, platforms, ideas
• Transnational analyses: thinking global, acting local
• Rhetorical strategies or frameworks
• Exploitation of nativist, racist, sexist sentiments
• Militarism/diplomacy
• Social constructs of rights, entitlements, and privilege
• Cross‐dressings: the cooptation of language and signifiers
• Faith based activism: clerics and congregations
• It’s the economy, stupid: just don’t talk about poverty or poor people
• All in the family: constructs, illusions, visions
• Circuits of information, dissemination, disbursal of news
• Re/Framing of international perspectives regarding the United States
Submission Guidelines
• Deadline for abstracts: October 31, 2008
• Deadline for first draft of completed pieces: January 30, 2009
• Deadline for final draft: April 1, 2009
• Send 300‐500 word abstracts outlining the intent and scope of the paper, and where appropriate, author’s theoretical, empirical, and/or methodological framework and one‐page bios to: <>
• N.B. Abstracts and bios will be utilized in the book prospectus.
• Submittal format: Please save all work in MS Word format using Times New Roman, 12‐point font size and double‐spaced. Papers should adhere to Modern Language Association (MLA) style guidelines, APA style, or law review Bluebook citation format. Papers should be 15‐25 pages plus references. If you have additional questions, please e‐mail: <>

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