Progress is slow.

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Trailer for 1960 movie “Sex Kittens Go To College”:

Recent commercial for bras:

ETA: FLP friend Michael Froomkin writes:

I have two objections to your latest blog post, “Progress is Slow”.

The first is that the first video subjected me — without any warning — to several seconds of Conway Twitty. There ought to be a law.

The second is that I don’t for the life of me understand how anyone could plausibly suggest that these 2 videos don’t between them show very significant signs of progress. #1: The second video is in color, the first in black and white: Major Progress; #2: There is no Conway Twitty in the second video: Major Progress; #3: The women have been promoted from “sex kittens” to “sex goddess”: Major Progress.

Unfortunately, the men are still exploding, but I’m sure science is working on that.

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