Sex Based Medicine

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Great post here, below is a short excerpt:

Now, Dr. Isis quite frequently blogs about being a girl, so a letter in this week’s Science entitled Flaunting the Feminine Side of Research Studies certainly caught the eye of the domestic and laboratory goddess.   In her letter, Phyllis Greenberger of the Society for Women’s Health Research notes that men and women are fundamentally, physiologically different. Dr. Isis could not agree more and thinks it important to note that the uniqueness of our feminine physiology is not in opposition to struggles for gender equality.   Ms. Greenberger notes that women are currently underrepresented in clinical study cohorts and that data are rarely analyzed for sex-based effects. Indeed, she notes the percent of women participating in studies investigating cardiovascular disease is 27%.   All of this in spite of the NIH Revitalization Act of 1993 and the ORWH’s 2008 Research Priorities for Women’s Health Statement.

Read the whole thing! Via.

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