Great Takedown of Yet Another Stupid, Sexist PETA Ad

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Here, at Jezebel. Props to post author “Intern Katy.” Via Jen.

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2 Responses to Great Takedown of Yet Another Stupid, Sexist PETA Ad

  1. bob coley jr says:

    The marketing chess game ignores people and animals. (Everyone knows money ain’t alive or has any feelings. Anyway, people and animals die, get over it, money buys things.) SORRY Y’ALL! I just dislike manipulation of our minds and bodies for money or power or anything. But I supose thats what people do.

  2. Bridget Crawford says:

    Katy Kelleher makes the point at Jezebel that, “[T]his is one of those frustrating times when we all want to ignore PETA, but find ourselves giving them exactly what they wanted: more attention. It is almost impossible to not discuss their sexist advertising and obnoxious antics. We’re all for animal rights, but PETA has shown time and again that they are not particularly concerned with the treatment of women.” So I think that this “take down” belongs to PETA, not those of us who object to its portrayal of women.

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