Rush Limbaugh Trying to Find Out Why Women Don’t Like Him

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This just in from the feminist humor department: Rush Limbaugh is concerned that there’s a gender gap in his audience and is holding a “summit” to figure it out. The whole story is here. Hmmm…. what a difficult inquiry. Put aside the gender gap in ideology and party identification that exists in this country. I wonder if this has anything to do with Limbaugh being a misogynistic blowhard?

– David S. Cohen

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2 Responses to Rush Limbaugh Trying to Find Out Why Women Don’t Like Him

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  2. Jill Miller Zimon says:

    Thanks for posting about this. I wrote up some details and highlights from his Day One here.

    I actually think that, although it is clearly a stunt, he has no interest in getting more listeners – he already has his $400 million contract. Instead, I think he wants to figure out how the heck he gets women to listen to him just enough so he can influence who they might vote for – because he knows that without women’s votes, many of the candidates he’d like to see ascend will never make it out of local office. And, when women run, women often win – and more Dem women run than conservative women. (I wrote about this this morning.)

    Combine this with O’Reilly calling Helen Thomas a witch (and not apologizing), a Colorado radio show host calling one of that state’s female politicians “Vagina” (her name is Diana) and then Senator Jim Bunning declaring to supporters that Justice Ginsburg is nearly dead (so they can start thinking about getting a more strongly conservative SCOTUS), and we got a nice backlash against the gains and determination for more gains that women are having in leadership. This guys are literally scared and freaked out.

    That they are also clueless still stupefies me.

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