Streaming Video of the Nussbaum Symposium

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On Friday, February 13th we held a symposium at Columbia Law School honoring the important work of Martha Nussbaum to the scholarship of Gender, Sexuality and the Law.

The Symposium was a tremendous success, and the proceedings will be published in a special issue of the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law.

Videos of each of the panels and Professor Nussbaum’s Keynote are now available streaming on the web:

– Katherine Franke

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2 Responses to Streaming Video of the Nussbaum Symposium

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    There were THREE fantastic conferences that day! Yours, one at Rutgers,
    and one at Michigan –

    It is unfortunate they all conflicted, but it is exciting that so much exciting feminist legal theory is happening!

  2. Katherine Franke says:

    Absolutely right! I regret I could only be in one place at a time.

    Katherine Franke

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