Top Ten Cited Women Law Professors

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Thanks to Brian Leiter for compiling this list so quickly in response to my post below.

(with the caveat that there might be some scholars whose schools were not included in this sample who might have made the list: e.g., Carol Rose at the University of Arizona):

1. Kathleen Sullivan (Stanford University), 900 citations

2. Martha Minow (Harvard University), 820 citations

3. Deborah Rhode (Stanford University), 800 citations

4. Martha Nussbaum (University of Chicago), 740 citations

5. Reva Siegel (Yale University), 730 citations

6. Margaret Jane Radin (University of Michigan), 690 citations

7. Mary Ann Glendon (Harvard University), 640 citations

8. Judith Resnik (Yale University), 630 citations

9. Catharine MacKinnon (University of Michigan), 620 citations

9. Roberta Romano (Yale University), 620 citations

I’m happy to have the list, and pleased that I am familiar with all of these fantastic law profs, by their work if not in person. I think most, maybe all, identify as feminists. When I have more time (I’m really freaking slammed by deadlines that people I care about are depending on me to meet) I will float a few theories about why women are cited less than men, but if anybody else has any ideas in the mean time I’d be happy to entertain them here. Since my friend J. recently reminded me that it is a pain in the neck to comment here (by design, which is unfortunately by necessity), e-mail is fine too.

It also needs to be said that both lists, women and men, are overwhelmingly white.

–Ann Bartow

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