“Frontiers in Social Justice Lawyering: Critical Race Revisited,” April 16-17, 2009

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This free program will be held at Yale, April 16-17, 2009:

In 1997, Yale Law School held a conference on Critical Race Theory (CRT) with some of the founding members of that discipline. Twelve years later, this conference on Critical Race Theory intends to look at the developments in CRT as an academic discipline and its ability to respond to new voices, contemporary issues, and emergent social movements. The conference in 2009 is an opportunity to reflect on the current status of CRT and what it offers to the development of conscientious, public interest advocacy.

The conference will examine available identity narratives in civil rights claims, looking at immigration law as a case study. Much attention has been paid to the substantive and political goals of immigration law and advocacy. This conference takes a step back to explore fundamental questions about the role and impact of immigrant law and lawyers. The panelists will explore the ways in which immigration law shapes individual and community identities; the role of immigration law in generating and perpetuating American identity myths; and the complicity of well-meaning lawyers in reproducing particular identity stereotypes to”fit”their clients into recognized legal claims.

The full program description is here.

The schedule is:

Thursday, April 16:
5:00-6:30pm  Keynote Address by Ian Haney López

Friday, April 17:

Critical Race Studies: Past Promises, Future Prospects
Featuring:  Frances Ansley, Harlon Dalton, Margaret Montoya, and Angela Onwuachi-Willig

Critical Reflections on Contemporary Immigration Law
Featuring:  Muneer Ahmad, Kevin R. Johnson, Mae Ngai, and Michael Wishnie

Clinical Education: Integrating Theory & Practice
Featuring:  Anthony Alfieri, Sameer Ashar, Kristin Henning, and Hope Metcalf

Student workshop to follow.

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