Is Women’s History Month History?

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Did you know that each year the National Women’s History Project establishes a theme for Women’s History month?  I didn’t.  This year’s theme is “Women taking the lead to save our planet.”  

I don’t know if it is me, my neighborhood, my school or my writing cycle (I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely done anything else in the last few weeks), but I haven’t seen any advertising for a single “live” celebration/exhibit/concert in celebration of Women’s History Month.  (Then again, maybe I just answered my own question about why I haven’t seen any . . . I haven’t been looking up from the Bluebook.)

Is women’s history passe?  Considered “uncool,” as if we don’t need to study the past?  We have enough accomplished women’s so we don’t need to search the past for heroes?  I, for one, failed miserable at the  women’s history test here.  

-Bridget Crawford

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