Let Them Eat Quiche

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Tomorrow the International Law Society at my law school hosts its annual fund raiser. It’s an all you can eat lunch comprised of donated homemade ethnic foods.

Here are the University-related fundraisers I’ve already contributed to this academic year: the law school’s student scholarship fund, the University’s “Family Fund,” the Public Interest Law Society auction, the Loan Forgiveness fund, the Black Law Students Association, Women In Law, OutLaw, the Intellectual Property Law Society, the Entertainment & Sports Law Society, the “V-Day Monologues” fundraiser for a local women’s shelter, and I hosted a pizza party for my First Year “advisees” and bought snacks for students to eat during exam week last semester. And I’ve given a lot of professional lawyer time, to good people related causes that I keep confidential. I also performed a stand up comedy act at the Talent No Talent show, it too was a fundraiser but that was so much fun I really shouldn’t count it here.

But back to the International Law Society. They wanted me to contribute food for tomorrow’s fund-raising lunch, preferably vegetarian food, since several faculty members and a number of students do not eat meat, and they did not have this covered. So tonight I made six broccoli spinach quiches. This required a trip to the grocery store to purchase: two dozen free range eggs, a half gallon of BGH free milk, six pre-made “all vegetable” (no lard) pie crusts, three large organic broccoli florets, a giant package of organic baby spinach, garlic cloves, soy “baco” bits, balsamic vinaigrette, seasonings, and a whole bunch of shredded mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan cheeses. Took about an hour to prepare, 40 minutes to cook, and then I wrapped the quiches in aluminum foil and stuck them in the fridge. I’ll have to get up extra early to deliver them to the folks who will coordinate re-heating and the actual lunch.

I do all this crazy stuff largely because I love my students. You would too, if you knew them.

–Ann Bartow

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  1. efink says:

    Looks yummy. Your students are very lucky!

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