Great for veterinarians but not for vegetarians.

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Business cards made from bacon.


Via Froomkin.

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4 Responses to Great for veterinarians but not for vegetarians.

  1. romer says:

    Why is this great for veterinarians? Maybe you were trying to alliterative cleverness, but I don’t get the logic.

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    Because in addition to serving as a business card, it provides a snack for carnivorous patients? The categorical designation of “baconpheffer” is meant to signal the post is meat based satirical humor. Sorry that isn’t clear.

  3. lgoodmark says:

    Great for cardiologists, too. My daughter informed me this morning that she intended to be a farmer, and if any of her pigs happened to die, she’d give me bacon. I did NOT have the heart to enlighten her…

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