“Guns, threats, space, and gender”

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Compelling post by Historiann, which begins:

Inside Higher Ed featured a story yesterday  about universities that allow students to bring their guns to campus if they have concealed-carry permits, and states like Texas and Missouri where oh-so-brave state legistlators are working hard to make sure that people can  walk around packing heat on their state university campuses.

It’s hard for me to be objective about this issue, after losing law prof colleagues to a law school shooting. And when I was an undergrad there was a multiple shooting murder at my University. For personal reasons this is still a vivid memory as well. And I witnessed how finding a bullet in her faculty mailbox affected one of my colleagues a number of years ago.

Historiann’s post notes that a few  weeks ago, a masked man opened the door to a campus lecture hall where her colleague was giving a mid-term “and started screaming semi-coherently.   He then slammed the door to the lecture hall and moved on to scream at the class next door.”   Turns out this was just a “prank.” Historiann observed: “One thing I was grateful for was that despite the  Masked Intruder’s juvenile and thoughtless behavior, I am glad  that he wasn’t shot dead by a  Concealed-Carry Avenger who brought a gun to his exam.”

–Ann Bartow

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