NYSBA Rejects “Separate But Equal” Approach to Equality for Same-Sex Couples

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The New York State Bar Association officially supports marriage as the exclusive means for achieving equality for same-sex couples.  Here is one of the resolutions passed today by the organization’s House of Delegates:  

RESOLVED that the Association hereby endorses and supports the introduction  and enactment of legislation that amends the Domestic Relations Law to allow same-sex  couples to marry and to recognize marriages if contracted elsewhere as the Association  believes only marriage can grant full equality to same-sex couples and their families, and  that such legislation shall exempt clergy from the obligation to perform any marriage to  which they object….

(emphasis added).  The full set of related resolutions and introductory material is here.  (I, for one, enjoy a good “WHEREAS” clause.)

The NYSBA resolution changes the organization’s 2003 position endorsing non-marriage “equivalents” for lesbian and gay couples.

The New York Law Journal has more coverage  here.  The NYSBA press release is here.

Now New Yorkers need the State Senators to stop behaving badly and come together to do their jobs.  

-Bridget Crawford

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