“Woman Suffrage in Iowa” at Blanden Memorial Art Museum

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20th Century Woman Suffrage Poster

“Woman Suffrage in Iowa: 90 Years After the ‘Winning Plan'” is a current exhibition at Blanden Memorial Art Museum in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

The image of the poster at left, featured in the Blanden exhibit, derives from an original painting by Evelyn Rumsey Cary (American, 1855-1924).  The text reads “Woman Suffrage” and  “Give Her the Fruit of Her Hands and Let Her Own Works Praise Her in the Gates.”  The latter comes from Proverbs 31:31, and was well-known to woman suffragists.  Elizabeth Cady Stanton, for one, used it in her private diaries (see, e.g.,  here).

-Bridget Crawford

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