Maybe there are nude pictures of you on the Internet.

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Because maybe you have disrobed in a medical facility:

A traffic stop led officers to discover that a Willard man allegedly has been compiling nude photos of patients from the medical facility where he worked. …

… The officers later determined the suspect works for Advanced Medical Imaging in Tiffin. Many of the photos and videos were taken during medical testing procedures such as mammograms and ultra sound, police said.

The camera, which had video cords plugged into the side of the receiver, has enough range to transmit images from one location to another, Blough said.

Brimfield officers and Huron County Sheriff’s deputies executed a search warrant at Aguirre’s home. Officers recovered a computer hard drive, laptop, DVD burner, 355 handmade DVDs and other computer-related items, Blough said. The evidence is being sent to the state lab to be analyzed.

The police chief said his department is in the beginning stages of its investigation. More charges are expected.

So far, at least 10 of the roughly 30 videos and pictures are of juveniles, Blough said. He added the images and videos are of people between 8 and 30.”There’s no doubt some are younger kids,”he said.

Aguirre, an ultrasound technician who had worked at the Tiffin facility since December 2007, allegedly used his wireless camera to tape and photograph people in the changing room. Police said the photos involve children and adults undressing, as well as sedated patients without clothes on. There also are X-rays of people’s pubic areas. None of the pictures or videos show willing participation on the part of the people in them, police added. …

The article relentlessly uses gender neutral language when describing the victims, but I’d guess the majority are female. Via.

–Ann Bartow

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