“I get knocked down: Women publishing law review notes”

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Rebecca Tushnet writes:

I read an interesting article in the Journal of Legal Education (unfortunately not online) about the underrepresentation, relative to law school enrollment and law review participation, of women publishing notes on the main journals of the top law schools. The author theorizes that women are more alienated from law school than men. Writing a note may seem like one more awful hurdle in a system that has proved less meaningful than they hoped. I was particularly interested in statistics from a study of the Yale Law Journal revealing that one source of the disparity was that women were only one-third as likely as men to resubmit their proposed notes after an initial rejection; given that most notes are only published after resubmission, this was a big deal. That brought back some powerful memories of my experience, which I share in the hope of encouraging more students:especially women:to try the publication process.

Read her entire post here.

–Ann Bartow

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