Death of Theologian Mary Daly

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From the National Catholic Reporter:

Mary Daly, radical feminist theologian and a mother of modern feminist theology, died Jan. 3 at the age of 81. She was one of the most influential voices of the radical feminist movement through the later 20th century.

Daly taught courses in theology, feminist ethics and patriarchy at Boston College for 33 years. Her first book, “The Church and the Second Sex,” published in 1968, got her fired, briefly, from her teaching position there, but as a result of support from the (then all-male) student body and the general public, she was ultimately granted tenure.

The full obituary is here.

-Bridget Crawford

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  1. Ann Bartow says:

    Dr. Violet Socks has a good post about her here:

  2. bob coley jr says:

    Words of light! Thank you all here and at RL for sharing wisdom with us. We are trying to see beyond all bias, though some don’t think it can be done. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting though. And with time and work…

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