NYU L & Social Change Symposium on Reproductive & Sexual Rights

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Feminist Law Profs Anita Allen, Sylvia Law and Ruthann Robson are among the participants in a February 12, 2010 symposium sponsored by the NYU Review of Law and Social Change.   The title of the program is “From Page to Practice: Broadening the Lens for Reproductive & Sexual Rights.”   Here is the description:

In recent discussions on reproductive justice a recurring theme has been reframing – reframing who talks about reproduction and sexuality and in what context so that popular attitudes will better reflect the consensus that exists in American society.   Through connecting scholarship to practice the N.Y.U. Review of Law  and Social Change will bring together leading academics and practitioners from across fields related to sexuality and reproductive rights to progressively coordinate thinking on the cross-issue impacts of their work.   The issues highlighted will include reproductive justice, the role of values and morality in legal struggles for reproductive and sexual rights, and conceptions of reproductive or sexual autonomy as globally influenced.   This conference will encourage a critical analysis of the role of litigation and its relationship to legislation, organizing, and education in contributing to a frame shift for reproductive and sexual rights.   Further the conference will facilitate consideration of positive rights and strategies that lawyers and scholars may pursue to guarantee those rights through government, individual, and community action.

More information is available here.

-Bridget Crawford

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