Hide That Tramp Stamp!

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A friend recently told me about a panel at her law school, where judges admonished young female attorneys about wearing inappropriate clothing and groused about attorneys who let their “tramp stamps” show.  The judges were women, by the way…I thought this was an isolated annoyance until I read this on Jezebel.  Apparently, lecturing young women about their clothing choices has become quite the fad, with “tramp stamps” a main topic of conversation.  How is this any different than the (female) federal judge who wouldn’t allow her (female) clerks to wear pants to work?

Leigh Goodmark

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1 Response to Hide That Tramp Stamp!

  1. hmprescott says:

    Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to coach young women (and men) on how to dress professionally. Yes, telling young women they can’t wear pantsuits is going too far but clothing that shows off the midriff or lower back really is beyond the pale in my opinion. Medical schools are doing the same with students (female and male).

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