Rape is Violence, not “Buyer’s Remorse”

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Over at Politics Daily, correspondent Sandra Fish details the controversy surrounding Colorado GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck:

[Buck], the Weld County [Colorado]district attorney, is facing criticism from a liberal group for not prosecuting an acquaintance-rape complaint five years ago, when he told The Greeley Tribune that a jury might conclude that “this is a case of buyer’s remorse.” * * *

The Colorado Independent reported the case Monday in the first of three parts. On Tuesday, the progressive online news site published a transcript of a call the accuser made to the man allegedly involved at the request of police. In that recorded call, the man acknowledged the couple hadn’t had consensual sex, according to the transcript obtained by the site. The Colorado Independent also said it interviewed the woman.

The 2005 case involved a then-21-year-old Greeley college student who invited a former boyfriend to her apartment. She was drunk, and the man allegedly ended up having sex with her as she passed in and out of consciousness, telling him “no” several times, according to the Colorado Independent and police reports. In the telephone transcript released Tuesday, the man acknowledged those circumstances when questioned by the woman.

The transcript of the recorded call is here.  The most stunning part?  This exchange:

Her:  I’m just really frustrated and I’m really hurt and …

Him: I know.  Like, I, I, I know, like I feel, I feel awful, I really do.  * * *

Her: I mean do you realize that … it’s rape.

Him: Yeah, I do.

Buyer’s remorse?  No.  An admission of a crime.

-Bridget Crawford

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3 Responses to Rape is Violence, not “Buyer’s Remorse”

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  2. thebewilderness says:

    May I just say how sick to death I am of “buyers remorse” being used to describe the motive for reporting a crime?
    I invited a high school friend I hadn’t seen for years to dinner and when he came to my house he tied me up and robbed me. When I reported the crime the prosecuting attorney told me it was my own fault and I clearly had buyers remorse.

    I got in an argument with a neighbor and he pulled a gun and shot me. When I reported it to the police I was told it was just buyers remorse and I shouldn’t argue with neighbors if I don’t want to get shot.

    It is not, so far as I know, legal to pay someone to commit a crime. Nor, as I understand it, was the rapist a paid prostitute. So there wasn’t any buying going on there. Yet they persist in using the term “buyers remorse” to describe a woman being assaulted by a man.

  3. thebewilderness says:

    Yet they persist in using the term “buyers remorse” to describe a woman being assaulted by a man.

    Sorry, that should read, …to describe the motive for a woman to report being assaulted by a man.

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