Schneider and Wildman’s “Women and the Law Stories” from Foundation Press

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Elizabeth Schneider and Stephanie Wildman’s edited volume Women and the Law Stories, part of the Foundation Press series, is now in print.  Here’s the Table of Contents:

Introduction.  Telling Stories to Courts: Women Claim Their Legal Rights, by Elizabeth M. Schneider and Stephanie M. Wildman

Chapter 1: Hidden Histories, Racialized Gender, and the Legacy of Reconstruction: The Story of United States v. Cruikshank, by Rebecca Hall and Angela Harris

Chapter 2:  “When the Trouble Started”: The Story of Frontiero v. Richardson, by Serena Mayeri

Chapter 3: Single-Sex Public Schools: The Story of Vorchheimer v. School District of Philadelphia, by Martha Minow

Chapter 4: Unconstitutionally Male?: The Story of United States v. Virginia by  Katharine T. Bartlett

Chapter 5: Infertile by Force and Federal Complicity: The Story of Relf v. Weinberger, by Lisa C. Ikemoto

Chapter 6: “Nearly Allied to Her Right to Be” — Medicaid Funding for Abortion: The Story of Harris v. McRae, by Rhonda Copelon and Sylvia A. Law

Chapter 7: Pregnant and Working: The Story of California Federal Savings & Loan Ass’n. v. Guerra, by Stephanie M. Wildman

Chapter 8:  “What Not to Wear” —Race and Unwelcomeness in Sexual Harassment Law: The Story of Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson, by Tanya K. Hernández

Chapter 9: Of Glass Ceilings, Sex Stereotypes, and Mixed Motives: The Story of Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins by Martha Chamallas

Chapter 10: Cases in Search of a Decision: The Story of In re Marriage Cases, by Patricia A. Cain and Jean C. Love

Chapter 11: State-Enabled Violence: The Story of Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, by Zanita E. Fenton

Chapter 12: The Entry of Women into Wall Street Law Firms: The Story of Blank v. Sullivan & Cromwell, by Cynthia Grant Bowman

Chapter 13: A Tribal Court Domestic Violence Case: The Story of an Unknown Victim, an Unreported Decision, and an All Too Common Injustice by Stacy L. Leeds.

There is a companion website here.  Review copies are available upon request via Westlaw’s Law School Exchange.

-Bridget Crawford

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