GOP and “Social Issues”

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The New York Times is running a story about how “a resurgent social conservative movement is shaping the first stage of the presidential nominating contest, complicating the strategy for candidates who prefer to focus on fiscal issues over faith.” Readers of this blog already know that the focus for the GOP has never really strayed from “social issues” (check out these posts from earlier this year–here, here, and here). It may just be that the Iowa caucuses are drawing this far out enough in the open to catch the mainstream media’s attention.

Or maybe it’s just drawing out GOP presidential hopefuls and emboldening them to say crazy things that even the mainstream media don’t seem to have picked up on. For example, one item that has been making its way around the gay blogosphere is a clip from a speech by Mike Huckabee in which he calls for “spiritual warriors” to fight those who would “enslave us” and encourages people to fight against same-sex marriage even if it means losing their jobs. And the election season has only just begun…

-Tony Infanti

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