Kim Krawiec Named Kathrine Robinson Everett Professor at Duke Law School

Al Brophy has the good news over here at The Faculty Lounge that Kim Krawiec has been named the Kathrine Robinson Everett Professor at Duke Law School.  Here is an excerpt from the Duke press release:

Krawiec will become the Kathrine Robinson Everett Professor of Law on July 1. A highly regarded scholar in corporate law and financial markets who joined the Duke Law faculty in 2009, her research interests span a variety of fields, including the empirical analysis of contract disputes; the choice of organizational form by professional service firms, including law firms; banned commercial exchanges; corporate compliance systems; insider trading; derivatives hedging practices; and “rogue” trading.

“In 2000, she wrote an article in the Oregon Law Review making an argument that was unusual for the time but now appears prescient,” said Brodhead in his citation, “that banks had an incentive to reward ‘rogue’ trading because the increased risk meant they would profit from this activity.” Krawiec’s recent scholarship addresses issues of diversity in the corporate boardroom and organizational misconduct and trade within forbidden or contested markets, including the competing forces at work, such as altruism and money, in the “baby market.”

At Duke Law, Krawiec teaches Business Associations, Financial Derivatives, Taboo Trades and Forbidden Exchanges, and Readings in Ethics.

Congratulations, Kim!

-Bridget Crawford

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