“Women Atop Their Fields Dissect the Scientific Life”

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Interview by Gina Kolata in the NYT that begins as follows:

Elena Aprile, Joy Hirsch, Mary-Claire King and Tal Rabin are members of a rare breed — women scientists at the top of their fields.

Dr. Aprile, a professor of physics at Columbia University, is searching for dark matter. Dr. Hirsch, a professor of neuroscience at Columbia University, maps brain processes. Dr. King, a professor of medical genetics at the University of Washington, studies the genetic basis of common complex medical conditions like breast cancer and mental illness. And Dr. Rabin is a cryptography researcher at I.B.M. All four were in New York for the World Science Festival, and were invited to a 30-minute round-table discussion at The New York Times on Wednesday. They talked about their lives as scientists, the joys and struggles of research, and the specific challenges women in science face.

–Ann Bartow

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