“Sister Law Professor”

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Check out “Sister Law Professor” here at Sister Scholar. Below is an excerpt:

During our first class we explored how we had been taught law. We learned about Langdell’s “case-dialogue” method and the school of thought that coincides with it: Formalism. We then examined the Legal Realists who posed the first critique of Formalism, followed by the Critical Legal Studies Scholars. We covered this background so that they could understand how, when, and why Critical Race Theory entered the Academy.

On the second day of class we viewed the documentary, Race – The Power of An Illusion: Episode Three: The House We Live In. After that we discussed the concept of “Whiteness.”

And here’s where the law profession idealization a la Atticus Finch always hit the proverbial brick wall—I’m continually astounded that this notion is so contentious. Why don’t people understand that this is a legal category from the Articles of Confederation that defined citizenship? Don’t look at me, it wasn’t my idea.

–Ann Bartow

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