Where are the Women? Campbell Law Review Edition

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How difficult would it have been to find women to include in the symposium?  

33 CAMPBELL LAW REVIEW, NO. 3, PP. 501-740, 2011.

Symposium. Liberalism, Constitutionalism, and Christianity: Perspectives on the Influence of Christianity on Classical Liberal Legal Thought. 33 Campbell L. Rev. 501-694 (2011). [H][L][W]

Lee, Kevin. Introductory remarks. 33 Campbell L. Rev. 501-504 (2011). [H][L][W]

Breen, John M. Religion and the purification of reason: why the liberal state requires more than simple tolerance. 33 Campbell L. Rev. 505-528 (2011). [H][L][W]

Frohnen, Bruce P. Is constitutionalism liberal? 33 Campbell L. Rev. 529-558 (2011). [H][L][W]

Shain, Barry Alan. Liberalism: a religious-dependent faith. 33 Campbell L. Rev. 559-567 (2011). [H][L][W]

Scaperlanda, Michael. Secular not secularist America. 33 Campbell L. Rev. 569-589 (2011). [H][L][W]

Inazu, John D. Between liberalism and theocracy. 33 Campbell L. Rev. 591-607 (2011). [H][L][W]

Pryor, C. Scott. Looking for bedrock: accounting for human rights in classical liberalism, modern secularism, and the Christian tradition. 33 Campbell L. Rev. 609-640 (2011). [H][L][W]

McConnell, Donald R. Is modern liberalism still compatible with free exercise of religion? 33 Campbell L. Rev. 641-660 (2011). [H][L][W]

Baker, Anthony V. “causing the blood to flow where I touched him” liberalism, constitutionalism, Christianity, and the “war” at Covey farm. 33 Campbell L. Rev. 661-683 (2011). [H][L][W]

Cochran, Robert F., Jr. Enlightenment liberalism, lawyers, and the future of lawyer-client relations. 33 Campbell L. Rev. 685-694 (2011). [H][L][W]

Source: SCILP (here).

-Bridget Crawford

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