Where are the Women? University of Toronto L.J. Edition

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From the TOC to Volume 61:3 (2011) (posted here):

A Contextual Approach To The Admissibility Of The State’s Forensic Science And Medical Evidence
Gary Edmond, Kent Roach

Equality Under And Before The Law
William Lucy

Property And Collective Undertaking: The Principle Of Numerus Clausus
Avihay Dorfman

Book Reviews
William Kaplan: Canadian maverick: The life and times of Ivan C Rand
David Dyzenhaus

Michael Grossberg & Christopher Tomlins, Eds: The Cambridge history of law in America; vol 1, Early America (1580–1815); vol 2, The long nineteenth century (1789–1920)
Philip Girard

William E Conklin: Hegel’s laws: The legitimacy of a modern legal order
Whitten Sullivan Watson

Mary Sarah Bilder, Maeva Marcus, & R Kent Newmyer, Eds:Blackstone in America: Selected essays of Kathryn Preyer
Angela Fernandez

Andrew Petter: The politics of the Charter: The illusive promise of constitutional rights
Hamish Stewart

Three articles; no female authors.  Five book reviews; one female author.  And I thought Canada was supposed to be more progressive than the U.S. on gender issues….

-Bridget Crawford

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