When Kurt Vonnegut Said, “I Worry About Women”

Over at Letters of Note, there is a beautiful post about a letter Kurt Vonnegut wrote in response to a 36-year old widow and mother of three.  Marianne Brown explains, “For some reason I wrote to Kurt Vonnegut and thanked him for his books and his compassion. I did not expect a reply. He must have been a kind man, as he sent this to me within a month of writing to him.”

In his response to Ms. Brown, Vonnegut recounts a conversation with his partner (who raised four kids on her own):

I told her one time, “I worry about women.”  She said, “Don’t.”

To see a bigger picture of the letter and to read a transcription of it, see the full post here.

H/T Shamik Trivedi.

-Bridget Crawford

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  1. abrasive mantra says:

    I was one of the three children Marianne Brown raised alone after my father died. She is 60 now, I am 31. This letter is framed in my mom’s hallway and has been displayed in our many homes for years. I never knew its significance until I became old enough to start reading Vonnegut. I regret that it has taken me this long to take a picture of the framed letter (sorry for the lopsidedness), but I’m glad people are enjoying it now.

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