Announcing Two New Issues of “Women in Judaism”

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From the FLP mailbox, this notice of two new issues of the interdisciplinary journal Women in Judaism:

Vol. 8:1 features:


Voicing a New Midrash: Women’s Holocaust Writing as Jewish Feminist Response
Deidre Butler

Reading Jewish Identity, Spiritual Alienation, and Reform Judaism Through the Veil of Abstract Self-Hatred, Racial Degeneration, and Anti-Semitism in Julia Frankau’s Dr. Phillips: A Maida Vale Idyll
Luke Devine


Madam Potiphar’s Boy Toy: No Laughing Matter
David J. Zucker

Biographical Essays

The Correspondence Between Kadya Molodowsky and Rokhl Korn
Zelda Kahn Newman

Book Reviews by Rivka Chaya Schiller, Evelyn Torton Beck, Jeanne Law Bohannon, Sandra Slater, Judith S. Pinnolis, Rachel E. Silverman, Sonia Zylberberg, and Katherine Romanow.

Fiction- Short Stories Brenda Naomi Herzberg

Fiction-Poetry Yala Korwin, Arlene L. Mandell

Vol. 8:2 features:


Outline of a Gender Conflict: Notes on an Early Story by Dvora Baron
Einat Baram Eshel

Yichud Rachel and Leah: Same-Sex Kabbalistic/Poetic Hermeneutics
Nitsa Kann


The Goddess, Syncretism, and Patriarchy: Evolution and Extinction of the Goddess during the Creation of Patriarchy in Ancient Israel
Ramona Wanlass

Book Reviews  by  Jane Enkin, Rivka Chaya Schiller, Aviva Atlani, Emily A. Filler, Tamara Mann Tweel, Devi Mays, Phil Gold, Maria Velazquez, and Gabriel Constans

Fiction-Poetry Lillian Bouzane, Pat Hurshell, Barbara Hantman and Carol V. Davis

-Bridget Crawford

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