Where are the Women? Illinois Law Review/Jack Balkin Edition

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University of Illinois Law Review, Issue 2012:3

Symposium: Jack Balkin’s Constitutional Text and Principle

The Method of Text and ?: Jack Balkin’s Originalism With No Regrets – Larry Alexander (PDF)

Jack Balkin’s Interaction Theory of “Commerce” – Randy E. Barnett (PDF)

The Balkinization of Originalism – James E. Fleming (PDF)

Constitutional Cultures, Democracy, and Unwritten Principles – Jeffrey Goldsworthy (PDF)

Jack Balkin As the Picasso of Constitutional Theorists – Sanford Levinson (PDF)

The Constitution Can Do No Wrong – Gerard Magliocca (PDF)

The Abstract Meaning Fallacy – John O. McGinnis & Michael B. Rappaport (PDF)

Talk About Talking About Constitutional Law – Adam M. Samaha (PDF)

The Politics of Constitutional Fidelity – Mariah Zeisberg (PDF)

Nine Perspectives on Living Originalism – Jack M. Balkin (PDF)

I see one.

Just sayin’.

-Bridget Crawford

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