Cal State Fullerton Course on “Understanding and Addressing Bullying”

Karyl Ketchum (Women & Gender Studies, Cal State Fullerton) has created a You Tube Channel organized around the theme of “Bullying: Understanding its Underlying Dynamics.”  Here‘s the description:

The videos on this channel will change the way you understand bullying! Gender identity and presentation, along with sexual orientation and perceived sexual orientation, play a significant role in most cases of bullying. With the new safe schools laws that go into effect in California on July 1, 2012, understanding all forms of bullying is critical. California State University, Fullerton, University of Extended Education offers a course designed to give students, parents, administrators and educators the tools they need to understand these underlying dynamics of bullying and identify and address potential problems in schools. The videos on this Youtube channel are the introductory videos to the CSU Fullerton course’s five learning modules.

More info is here about the CSU Fullerton project and the school’s collaboration with the ACLU of Southern California, and the Orange County Equality Coalition’s Student Advocates Project.

The CSU Fullerton course on “Understanding and Addressing Bullying” is aimed at parents and educators.  Here are  five open-source videos in the series:

Module 1: What is Bullying and Why Does it Happen?

Module 2: The Underlying Dynamics of Bullying

Module 3: Moving Beyond ‘Tolerance’ to Campus Cultures that Celebrate Difference

Module 4: Schools, Bullying and the Law

Module 5: Addressing Bullying

The videos are smart and informative — definitely worth a look.

H/T Francine Lipman.

-Bridget Crawford

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